How much commission does Bannerfy take?

Bannerfy doesn’t take any money from Creators, you get 100% of the commission for the banner advertisement. Bannerfy adds a commission to the total cost of your banner that the Brands pay.

Can I cancel my brand endorsement before the end of the agreed end date?

Yes, however in the event you remove your banner or cancel the endorsement you will surrender your fee back to the brand.

Why aren’t I getting any Brand endorsements?
  1. Have you linked your YouTube account? If you haven’t make sure that you do as you will not appear in Brand searches if you haven’t done this yet.
  2. If you haven’t received any Brand endorsements yet make sure you have turned your banner on for Brands to bid on. Go to the accounts section and make sure the toggle is green.  
  3. Have you filled out your profile fully? Make sure to add a description about what your channel is about, what kind of videos you make and what categories your channel fits into, this is how Brands make decisions about the Creators they want to work with. 
  4. Finally check to see how much of your banner you have selected to keep for yourself. If more than two thirds of your banner are marked red to keep for yourself Brands may be less inclined to bid on your banner.

Do I have to accept every bid from every Brand?

No, you only accept bids from Brands you want to work with, or assets that align with your channel, you are in total control of your banner.

How do I collaborate with Brands?

Brands will bid on how much of your banner they want to endorse and how long for. You will get notifications every time a Brand bids for a section of your banner with how long for and submit their creative asset for you to accept or deny, so keep and eye on your emails.

What platforms do you integrate with?

Currently with YouTube banners only but we have plans to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

Will I need to manually update my banner?

No, once you login to our system, your work is done! We will automatically update your banner for you through the permissions you agree to upon signing up

If my banner impressions increase, will my fee?

Yes, our state of the art system will automatically update the impressions and the fee depending on the performance

When it comes to the Brands adding their content to the banner, is this something the brands/ influencers need to create?

No, our team will handle all of the designs so sit back and relax! Or you can choose to make the banner yourself should you wish.

When do the creators receive their payments after a campaign?

Creators will receive this instantly upon completion of a campaign

Can I cancel my brand endorsement before the end of the agreed end date?

No. Both you and the Creator you’re endorsing will sign a contract guaranteeing the campaign runs it’s full duration. That way everyone has security.

How much commission does Bannerfy take?

Bannerfy adds an additional 19% commission to the total cost of each campaign.

Can you schedule campaigns to go live at a certain time and date?

Yes, if you have a product launch date that you want your assets to go live alongside wider campaign activities you can use the calendar scheduling tool to set a go live time and date.

Who has the final sign off of the banner assets?

You submit your artwork to the Influencer as part of your bid and they can accept or deny your bid. Ultimately it is down to the Influencer, but it is a collaboration between Brands and Influencers.

Is there a way to chat with the Influencers?

No, all communications between Brand and Influencers are done through our Customer Success team at Bannerfy.

How do you estimate the banner cost per Influencer?

The price for each Influencers banner is calculated by their average monthly impressions over the past three months and then divided by the amount of the banner you want to bid for and the length of the duration of your campaign.

Can you click the banners?

You can only click the banners that appear on desktop. There will be a section in the bottom right of the banner that contains a URL to the brand advertising

How long can the banner be up for?

You can choose between 7, 14 and 28 days


Bannerfy will soon be able to accommodate agencies that manage a large amount of channels. This will make it super easy to publish and earn across multiple accounts.